LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Hey, stop driving while on your cellphone


This is for my fellow citizens who cannot seem to help themselves when it comes to driving and cellphone usage:

This is for the older gentleman on Alder Street who almost hit me with his giant truck while he was talking on his cellphone and didn't notice the turn signal on the car ahead of him: That was a fancy enough truck; I bet you could afford a Bluetooth.

This is for the middle-aged lady on Chase Avenue who swerved across two lanes while making a left turn, holding a cigarette and her Chihuahua in one hand, her cellphone in the other, and steering with her elbow: I don't think my heart will ever be the same.

This is for the 20-something mother going down Chestnut Street who turned around to yell at her child with her cellphone still up to her ear and didn't notice the red light at Second Avenue and almost created a five-car wreck: Is your phone call really more important than your child?

These were all near collisions, and they all happened in the last few weeks. I also own a cellphone, but I don't answer it while I'm driving. I've lived much of my life without a cellphone and don't feel the need to endanger my fellow citizens on the road.

It's dangerous enough out there without driving and talking, and, oh yeah, it's illegal for a reason! Please, just get a Bluetooth, pull over, or wait until you get where you're going before you deal with your phone calls and please do this (hopefully) before you kill me or someone I care about.

I'm really not ready to die or see my friends or family hurt or killed because you can't control your backslides into adolescence. Thanks so much!

This is for the police officers whose job it is to hand out tickets to discourage this sort of dangerous and rude behavior: I know you can't be everywhere at once, and I know you are doing what you can, but I wonder if it is possible to do a little more - something like publishing the names and fines of those who are ticketed for this egregious disrespect? Just a thought!

Katina Henderson

Walla Walla


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