LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Increase in taxes too much


Pecksniffian opinions over the past several months have been numerous, pugnacious and odious to say the least! Many opinions resemble that of the blatherskites in our nation's political arena.

The meretricious proposals, can by any measure of the means, be considered despotic to the point of becoming mawkish in their intended value. Many radical contributors are extremely vocal about certain issues, however are generally pseudepigraphal in their attempt to convince most intelligent readers with their anemic facts and/or statistics to elevate their warped theory.

The current hyperbole in the U-B Perspective section appears to be centered primarily on the College Place high school bond. I am perplexed by the desire to build, without more discussion of a perpetual support provision for operational costs that will be required into perpetuity. Subsequent to the completion of the high school, there will be a need to duplicate all the supporting facets of Wa-Hi as follows: duplication of high-school credentialed faculty, a facility maintenance department, transportation, transportation maintenance and operators, utilities, furnishings, administrative personnel, special education programs, fluctuation of enrollees and other myriad expenses too numerous to mention.

Will property taxes generated by a majority of average income property owners in College Place support a major high school system with its 400-500 enrollees as projected? Many recent opinions reflect the aberrational reasoning of a very myopic, self-serving, supercilious group of those in the academic circle of education. Resembling "Sheeple" led by the "Grim-Reaper," many do not, or cannot, think for themselves, as was reflected during the Walla Walla School District's educational program and operations levy push adopted during special balloting in February. It is pathetic and revolting to see the children ("kids") being used as pawns to promote the educational agenda such as during this levy!

We currently have an approved street repair tax, fire station, police station and several school levies all within the past five to 10 years. Recently, separate entities have requested, a College Place high school system, upgrade to/or new elementary/grade school system, aquatic center, multi-level parking facility, and who knows what else!

Is this an insane desire on the part of a new population migrating into Walla Walla County to levy its property owners to death? Where will city, county, state and federal tax/levy peak?

Reuben T. Tsujimura

Walla Walla


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