LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Looking at science and evolution


We all agree that knowledge derived through the scientific method should be objective and not contaminated by pre-existing personal paradigms.

Steve Luckstead asserts that all scientific propositions are tentative. He then qualifies that statement with "some bodies of knowledge ... are treated as ... ‘settled science' ... not to say contrary evidence is impossible ... only that it's chances of occurring are miniscule."

He even opines that research into quantum mechanics is conducted within a framework that assures just slightly less than 100 percent accuracy. For anyone even remotely acquainted with the quantum world, that is delusionally optimistic.

Luckstead isn't really discussing science. That is a red-herring to distract attention away from the white elephant in the room: Darwinian evolution and materialism.

Since Luckstead's column first appeared, I have never read an opinion letter or an editorial that was critical of knowledge produced by the scientific method. So, who are those whom he suggests would have us remain ignorant in an eternal Dark Age?

Creationists! Although, we actually have the utmost respect for true science as it allows us access to the mind of God. We deny that evolution - other than speciation - has anything to do with science and is certainly not settled science.

Evolution is Luckstead's religion and he takes exception to critiques from others about his religious preference. Without a critical response to his science column in the U-B, only his opinion is offered as evidence and it becomes elevated to the status of expert opinion by default.

There are raging debates among evolutionary scientists over aspects of settled science. Creation scientists, using the scientific method, exposed the fraud behind the settled science that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

Ernst Haeckle's drawings of embryos - which Darwin called the single most persuasive evidence for his theory - were first exposed as frauds by his peers at Jena University in the 19th century. Yet, they are still published in some science textbooks today.

Evolution theory crumbles ignominously when rigorously subjected to the scientific method. Read the proceedings of the Wistar symposium. Read books and materials from evolutionary scientists concerning the incredible mathematical fine-tuning of the universe that allows life to flourish here and very unlikely that it occurs, elsewhere. A little science makes evolution appear probable. Much science reveals it to be a fairy tale for true believers.

Guillermo F. Garcia

College Place


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