LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama out to destroy America


In 2008, we had a national presidential election. Even though quite a few of us citizens did not vote for the present president, he gained the office.

Barack H. Obama is a dangerous man. In December of 2011 he approved the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Several obscure sections appear to allow unlimited detentions by U.S. military forces and federal law enforcement agencies of even U.S. citizens without charges or a court hearing.

This man cannot remain in office. We must vote him out of office or else we will lose America, our freedoms and rights and our way of life.

If you voted for Barack H. Obama, you allowed him to take these actions. He is single-handedly destroying our country, our freedoms and rights, and our way of life.

I did not vote for Barack Obama. But everyone who is eligible to vote in 2012 needs to consider whether they want to lose everything that so many women and men have fought for and died for.

These women and men have laid down their lives so that we could remain free. Now, one man is out to destroy all of that.

Please consider voting against Barack H. Obama in November of this year. We need a drastic change in the White House and in Congress in Washington, D.C.

With hopes of returning to American freedom,

Sharon Benzel

Walla Walla


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