LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Reasons to vote no on College Place school bond


There are three reasons why I'm not supporting the College Place high school bond.

  1. Our seniors.
  2. Our poor
  3. Our dysfunctional government.

In this economic environment, our seniors our earning less than half of 1 percent interest on their savings. For every $100,000 of savings they now earn less than $42 per month. A few years ago it was $420 per month. They are being squeezed on both sides - less revenue and increased expenses through rising medical cost, increased sales taxes and property taxes.

The poor live in constant fear of how to survive financially. They, too, are being strained financially, not only due to the poor economic scenario we live in today, but from increased sales taxes, rents or property taxes. Those who cannot afford a home, but rent, will see their rents increased. The landlords will have to pass this approximate 20 percent increase in property taxes to their renters.

We have a dysfunctional government running this country.

A number of national polls show that up to 90 percent of the people are dissatisfied with the way this country is being run. So, I don't stand alone with my opinion.

As a result of political leaders' inability and lack of desire to address the necessary issues to fix our economy, due to the pressures of labor unions, special interest groups, the virtual civil war between the Democrats and Republicans, their own agenda, and some with unethical interests, this economy will never fully recover.

In my opinion, we will not see an economic recovery until the people once again control our politicians. At no time in history has a civilization prospered economically when its government was dysfunctional. So, don't expect our economy to improve in the near future, thus, prepare yourself for a continued long and rough financial road.

This is not the time to extend debt, especially a city's debt, or to burden its people.

Allen E. Penrose

Walla Walla


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