LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We are all taxed out


You've got to be kidding - $770,000 to hire someone for a month.

Now I know why this used-to-be-great country of ours is so broke. This is insane!

All taxpayers, I believe, are entitled to a line-by-line accounting of this ridiculous fee. How can you justify this cost? How?

Do you know how many people that kind of money could help?

For example - seniors, the handicapped, the poor, the unemployed.

You people have no idea what it's like out here - none.

And why would anyone vote for Jay Inslee? Why would anyone vote for a man who can't or won't finish his job - only eight months of work.

He isn't going to be elected to do anything, let alone be governor.

Perhaps Inslee should foot this bill - instead of us taxpayers - as we are all taxed out.

Mary Tennant

Walla Walla


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