LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - When is US going to say enough?


So, according to the news, the Obama administration knew about the Las Vegas trip of GSA for 11 months Is that a shock, considering we have paid for 16 vacation trips of Michele Obama?

I don't know about you people, but I think those people in GSA need to be fired now, and everyone who knew about it needs to be fired.

Now they want to cut $12.9 billion from our military troops, they want to increase their health-care payments.

Say what? Why are they not increasing their health-care payments, considering everyone in Congress has good health care?

They want to take away from our troops. But yet we can pay for the health care of unions, illegals, etc., oh, and the 16 vacations trips of Michele Obama.

Here is something else to think about, the pension of a retired U.S. president for life, is $191,000, that is just for four years or maybe eight years of serivce.

Then we have the pension of House/Senate members of $174,000 a year for life no matter how long they serve, Speaker of the House, $223,500 for life, majority/minority leaders $194,400 for life.

Average salary of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan is $38,000 a year. Average income for seniors is $12,000 a year. Average retirement salary of a federal employee who worked for the government for 37 years, eight of which was spent in the military, is $1,300 a month. I know that is my husband and he is currently still working at another job!

Now tell me where the cuts should be made, where the problem is? Who are the greedy ones here? Who deserves nearly $200,000 a year for life for possibly maybe eight years of work? Sorry, not even the president deserves that, and we also pay for his security the rest of his life, etc.

When is America going to say enough? How dare they even suggest increasing the military health insurance when they are scot-free! They are so disgusting.

Barbara Dickerson



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