Letters To The Editor - Rural Library District must change direction


I am very concerned about the Rural Library District's struggle with paying the Walla Walla Public Library each year for county residents to use the city's library. Do you own property in Walla Walla County outside of the incorporated area of Walla Walla, College Place, or Waitsburg? Then you pay a library tax that is determined and managed by the Rural Library District. I voted for that tax in 1972,so that my family would have access to the Walla Walla Public Library.

The RLD, over the years, identified Burbank, Touchet, Prescott and Vista Hermosa as places that needed a library to serve their populations. I think that is what an RLD is designed to do.

My problem is the opening of the Plaza Way branch of the RLD. Who is using that library who couldn't get to the WWPL? But that isn't the most repugnant decision the RLD is currently working toward. It is interviewing architects this month to, in part, design a full-service library to be built less than five miles from the WWPL.

That is not acceptable to me as a taxpayer. If the RLD used that same money to help complete the WWPL's long-range plan and building expansion, it would easily meet the county's needs in this area.

To start a new library from the ground up will not begin to match the resources currently available at the WWPL. And in all likelihood, the RLD would no longer pay the WWPL for county residents to obtain WWPL cards.

I have written to the RLD and attended a meeting. It is not changing its direction.

Karen Anderson


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