Blackman dedicated to children, families


I believe Kathy Jordan's letter on July 30 is an act of irresponsibility. She might be a family friend of the Doziers but that does not give her the right to disparage Chris Blackman or sway voters by having them believe Mrs. Blackman is running for county commissioner for any selfish reasons.

Citizens of Walla Walla County should take a closer look at how Mrs. Blackman has dedicated herself for 30-plus years to tirelessly educate, volunteer for children and families and made herself available to many requests for her time and energy to help others, throughout the county. Please don't take my word for it, ask the schools, administrators, teachers, volunteer organizations and the kids of this county.

She has taken on tasks that many people would not attempt. No one, including Jordan, should be so biased that they would twist the good that Mrs. Blackman has accomplished.

I can assure the voters Mrs. Blackman will work tirelessly and "full time" for all county citizens and the betterment of Walla Walla County.

We all know Jordan selfishly brought sheriff's Capt. Blackman into her letter to sway voters. Barry Blackman is a dedicated law enforcement official and should be praised for the many years of dedication and work he has performed for this county and the protection of its citizens.

I know him to be a fine man, husband and father. Jordan should apologize to Chris Blackman, her husband and Sheriff John Turner for her accusations and innuendo. It's rather indecent of her to write that Mrs. Blackman should do anything other than run for commissioner.

Chris Blackman will do a great job in that position and will make us all proud -- just like Judge John Lohrmann and Sheriff Turner have. Citizens can count on it!

Sheriff John Turner has not attempted to "bulldoze" any of the commissioners for any reason. Readers (voters) may find it somewhat peculiar that Jordan used the word bulldoze, which Perry Dozier has used also.

In fact, the county's budget should be screened by all voters (concerned citizens) and especially other department heads, including the Sheriff's Office. It's wrong to suggest that Mrs. Blackman, Sheriff Turner, Capt. Blackman or any other law enforcement official in this county has anything but good intentions for our citizens.

It's time for another change. Please join me in electing Chris Blackman for county commissioner, District 2.

Robert Phillips

College Place


tinstar 3 years, 1 month ago

Mr Phillips apparently has no clue what is really goingt on in the Sheriff's Office. If He listens to Turner blowing his smoke screen. Turner is not a Sheriff. He has no experence in that position, and He is not certifed by Wa. State Criminal Justice Training Commission. That Means He has no arrest powers. He should not be running around packing a gun, or wearing a Sheriff's Office uniform. Turner also has no budget experance. His thoughts are as long as the County has money in reserves that he can spend more money. It's time the people wise up, and make Turner accountable. As for Ms Blackman, She is far better off staying with her teaching. She is not Co. commissioneer material.


mythoughts 1 year, 4 months ago

Tinstar, Please stop spreading untruths about our Sheriff. He is certified, has arrest powers, and has since the first year he was elected. I for one would appreciate having accurate information so I can make an informed decision. Please do your research. Call the Criminal Justice Training Commission before making these statements.


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