Blackman will listen as commissioner


Walla Walla is in need of county commissioners who will listen to the people -- who really listen and do not put down or intimidate those who do come to be heard.

It is difficult attending meetings and watching our current commissioners do this to those who come up to the mike. Change is needed! I do know someone who will listen -- Chris Blackman, who is running for commissioner District 2, the position Perry Dozier currently occupies.

Chris has been teaching for eight years and is currently the department chairwoman for Special Education at Walla Walla High School. Chris has a lot of experience with budgeting, listening and working with others through this position . She is also currently on the Executive Advisory Board for the Health Center at Lincoln High School. She serves as board secretary.

This group raises money for the health program at Lincoln so that there is a no cost for medical and mental health care for these students. Also as a member of the City Parks and Recreation Board, she serves in an advisory role to the Walla Walla City Council on matters that impact our city.

She also serves on the Professional Education Advisory Board, a group of 30 educators who make decisions for teacher candidates.

If elected Chris would take a leave from her Wa-Hi job because being a commissioner is demanding and really a full-time position. She clearly understands this and is ready. Her current and previous jobs have been just as demanding.

For example, Chris worked for Children's Protective Services for five years in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla. With this experience she has a clear understanding of human services and what its needs are.

In a volunteer position, she is the immediate past treasurer for the American Association of University Women, a nonprofit group that raises thousands of dollars for local projects and college scholarships.

For me, the choice is clear, vote Chris Blackman, District 2, Walla Walla County commissioner.

Jacque Richerzhagen

College Place


tinstar 2 years, 8 months ago

All the current commisioners listen to all public comments. There job. Just because the the sheriff has no clue how to perform the duties as sheriffs, its not their fault. Chris Blackman is not a good candidate for commisioner. She is better suited for what she is currently doing. The only reason she is running, is to support Turner. It's quite obvious we would be bankrupt in a short time with both of them.


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