Walla Walla voters reject aquatic center levy


— A levy to pay for a family aquatic center in the city sunk like a stone in Tuesday's voting.

The vote total Tuesday night stood at 2,502-1,746, or 58.9 percent to 41.1 percent. The measure requires a simple majority because it is a levy, not a bond.

The next count is scheduled for Thursday.


Milledwi 3 years, 2 months ago

What a sad vote by Walla Walla voters. Growing up in Walla Walla, I enjoyed the Nat, Pioneer Park wading pool, the original Veteran’s Pool, and the "new" Veteran’s Pool. Kids today need this outlet of wholesome outdoor fun. This is one of the reasons I feel no desire to return "home." Shame on the shallow NO voters and thanks to the YES voters.


mufbridge 3 years, 2 months ago

Good glad you are staying away


Ropehorse 3 years, 2 months ago

Glad you are not coming back !!


rapids72 3 years, 2 months ago

From the sound of your note, you're no longer a resident here and not paying the added burden of taxes for streets, sewers, schools (which turned out to also include certain "bonus items funded with magic, invisible money -- which had also been rejected by voters! -- like a brand-new bus garage and administrative offices), police station, plural fire stations, and the list goes on. Aquatic center advocates insisted the community needed this Taj Mahal playground. The white elephant they tried to foist off on the community was rejected twice before. What part of "no" wasn't clear enough? Kids need a place to go get wet, cool off, play and enjoy summer. It's called a pool. Fix the one we have. Bring a reality check to the table and get over the pie-in-the-sky facility concepts. You might find the taxpayers willing to cash it. Here's a closing thought for you. Come back and help pay for it all, since you feel like offering your two cents worth from wherever you're at these days. I guess that my opinion makes me one of those "shallow" property-owning, tax-paying citizens you feel need to be shamed.


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