Why a coroner's inquest?


There is something very unusual happening in Walla Walla -- the coroner's inquest of the New York Store shooting death.

These are so rare that the Tri-Cities man conducting the event has only done two in his 18-year career and he is the expert because nobody in the state has done more.

One would think that the default response to law enforcement finding a man lying dead on the ground with a shooter standing nearby would be to take the shooter to jail until the circumstances could be determined.

However in the case of Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed by Geoge Zimmerman a different pattern was seen. Zimmerman was patted on the head -- told "good boy" and was sent home with a new chew toy.

Was it because Martin was a different color than most of the police or of the people living in the gated community?

Was public outcry the reason the killer was finally brought to justice?

Why does the Walla Walla Sherrif's Office and the prosecutor want to shirk their duty and put the decision on whether this death was justified into the hands of a jury of non-experts? White longtime businessman vs. brown dead man? Shame.

David Higgins

Walla Walla


Bigdog 3 years, 3 months ago

Once again the sheriff's office and the city prosecutors have failed everyone. They cannot and will not do their job. I got a good cackle out of seeing the Coroner from Tri-cities in a judge’s robe. Since when are Coroners legal experts – incredible. The city is too damn busy worrying about the octopus……and anything that may require real work is a moot point. I have really lost faith in this whole corrupt local system.


tpeacock 3 years, 3 months ago

Dave, you have always been a little off in your thinking, and your comments on this matter show this once again. Do you have any idea of what happened, the officer's on the scene or anything else other than what you read or heard? You should really get the conspiracy theory nonsense out of your system, or at least keep these thought buried inside of you. You really are shooting from the hip on this one, but this isn't the first or the last time this will happen.


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