Jesus can judge who is Christian


In response to Donna Murray’s letter, “Mitt Romney is a Christian.” I would respectfully suggest that it is between Mr. Romney and Jesus Christ, alone.

Only Jesus Christ is worthy of posing that test. All we mere mortals have at our disposal is what we know from the tenets of Christianity as presented in the teachings of the Holy Bible.

For Christians, this text is sufficient and complete and needs no elaboration. Ms. Murray can believe whatever she wishes, as can Mr. Romney. But one’s beliefs won’t change a single thing in Scripture, not now or ever. It’s that simple.

I know many wonderful Mormon folks, but that doesn’t diminish from the differences in their and my theological beliefs. And that’s fine. I seldom judge a book by its title and so it goes for organizations.

Should I assume an organization is Christian because “Jesus Christ” is in its name? For some that says it all, and that’s fine too.

But I equate that logic with assuming that someone is wealthy because their last name is Gates.

Sebastian Giannini



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