How about a pool like Milton-Freewater’s?


I voted for the aquatic center for the third time.

But the people of Walla Walla have clearly stated they do not want one.

What they want is a swimming pool.

Let’s listen to them, and get one — one like Milton Freewater’s, not with the lazy river, wave pool and other expensive fancy bells and whistles, but a basic pool, for one-third the price.

It’ll have a deep end for a couple slides, a shallow end for the little ones and a main area for the kids to swim and play in, adults to swim laps in, and for lessons to be taught in.

I know, I know, it won’t be a money maker. But neither is any other park in town.

And it is what the community wants, needs and is asking for.

David Hampson

Walla Walla


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