No mall traffic, no need for full traffic signal


Well, here we go again.

This is in regards to the signal at Wildwood and Rose streets.

Right after the city fixed that signal (just after I had written you a letter about it, about two weeks ago), it malfunctioned again.

On Aug. 4 and again on Aug. 5, between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. (as I was out walking heading east on Rose Street) just after crossing Myra Road and before I got to Wildwood the signal changed three times,

And there was no cross traffic. There wasn’t even any traffic on Rose Street for several blocks in either direction. Not only that, when a car did stop for that signal (east bound), it turned red again before it he had gone 200 feet — still no cross traffic.

And there has been no electrical storms since it was repaired.

As I said in an earlier letter (just before that signal was supposedly repaired, why don’t they just leave it on the four-way blinking red since the Blue Mountain Mall is virtually dead and there is very little traffic turning into the mall. That way it would be more equitable and no one would have to wait unnecessarily at that signal.

W.R. Casebolt

Walla Walla


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