A simple look at budget process


There seems to be a continuous squabble going on between the U-B, sheriff and commissioners. Now it’s over the budget!

The sheriff was elected by the people to efficiently manage his office — his responsibility. The commissioners — likewise — to manage the business of the county — including the people’s money.

The sheriff is to determine what his needs are to do his job. It is his responsibility to present a budget request for his needs, and an explanation if it is out of line with last year’s budget; or for some other unusual request. The commissioners’ job is to approve or disapprove based on funds available.

There should be room for discussion between the two factions, but in the final analysis I do believe the commissioners have the final say.

Is this simplified letter too hard for those involved to understand?

Gilbert E. Manuel

College Place


tinstar 2 years, 10 months ago

Exactly! May be Turner will catch on eventualy. 18 months apparenty is not enough to figure it out.


mythoughts 1 year, 1 month ago

What exactly does Turner need to catch on about? Have you ever listened to a budget meeting between the commissioners and the Sheriff? I have. You seem to always be looking for something to complain about when it comes to the Sheriff. What is your motivation for that?


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