Walla Walla needs a fountain park


A few weeks ago I was visiting in the Hillsboro/Portland area and saw something new to me. We went to a park where there was a large oval, tiled floor slightly tilted toward the back.

Out of the floor gushed maybe a hundred fountains, each one rising about six feet. Each one stopped for a few seconds and then spouted again.

The place was filled with happy people of all ages. My 1-year-old great-granddaughter was delighted and cried when we had to leave.

About half the circumference of the floor was surrounded by a low cement wall where people could sit while their children played and it also caught the water as it ran down to be recycled to spout again.

Think about it — no cost to play in it, no age limits, no dressing rooms, no fence and no lifeguard needed. The kids won’t learn to swim there but they can get wet, cool off and have a wonderful time with many happy memories.

Walla Walla needs one of these play stations! Such a big help to the summer parks programs too.

Please somebody, check this out. It would well worth the cost and maintenance would be low too.

Alta Downs

Walla Walla


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