Shooting was not a race issue


As I read the letter sent in by David Higgins I have to wonder how he came to the conclusion that the criminal who broke into a man's home and business was shot because of his race.

The security tape shows that it was too dark for the man defending himself to identify the criminal's ethnicity. All he could see was the criminal's silhouette and hear his words threatening to kill him.

I wonder why Mr. Higgins and those like him are going to such lengths to demonize a man protecting himself and victimizing the criminal who broke into his property and threatened him.

Instead of saying "white longtime businessman vs. dead brown man," why not "longtime law-abiding businessman vs. longtime violent criminal." Speaking for myself, if someone breaks into my home and threatens my life or my family's life I don't care what they look like, they better hope they are quicker and have better aim than I do.

So, to Mr. Higgins and those like him, the shooting at the New York Store is not about race, it is about a person's right to use deadly force to defend themselves against someone who has threatened to use deadly force against them.

That being said, I say to Mr. Higgins and those like him, shame on them for trying to stir up the already unnecessary racial divide we have with our brothers and sisters of all races.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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