Landowners vote to start new irrigation district


After tallying votes by landowners, Walla Walla County commissioners approved formation of a new irrigation district Monday.

The Braden Road Irrigation District No. 20 will encompass the general vicinity of Braden Road-Whiteley Road and Stateline Road. According to county Auditor Karen Martin, landowners in the area have been working with the county since 2009 on formation of the district.

Martin said the election ended July 31. Because the number of votes are weighted according to the number of acres owned by each landowner in the proposed district, the final vote tally was 126-6.

The landowners also voted on candidates for a five-member board of directors. Landowners who received the top number of votes to the board were Darold Bigger, Mike Davis, Dave Konen, Fred Liebrand and Jon Hooper.

After canvassing the votes, commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to sign off on the results.

According to state law, the irrigation district is empowered to build, buy and maintain the infrastructure needed to irrigate lands within its boundaries and enter into contracts with the federal or state governments for reclamation and irrigation purposes.


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