Old barn, new life

Photo by Matthew Zimmerman Banderas.



Perched around the cupola of an old barn, John Stiffler, Michael Streng and Donnie Perkins give new life to the building by res-shingling the roof under the morning sun.

All summer the group has been raising part of the barn that sank, repairing, painting and re-roofing. The three were working for Alma and Garold Stone to repair the barn, which Alma Stone says dates back at least 100 years. She said the Stones have lived on the property since 1962 and the owner before them was J.D. Proctor, but she has no way to track down how old the barn really is. It is believed the barn was originally farther north on the property and was moved and a three-story house was taken down and built in the single-story home where the Stones now live.


lae10851 3 years, 3 months ago

is this the barn on Depping and Reser?


RetiredinWW 3 years, 3 months ago

Yes, it appears to be. I have always liked that old barn and was hoping it could be saved rather than going the way of so many in the valley. Too bad more are not able or willing to save the old barns on their property! They are a lot of work and expense if you have no use for them.


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