Construction of RLD library supported


Construction of RLD library supported

Maureen and I want to acknowledge the Walla Walla County Rural Library District Board of Directors for its diligence and challenging decisions relating to negotiations with the city library.

Also, we want to mention Darcy Dauble and Carlotta Richardson for their very informative and enlightening writings regarding the RLD and its efforts to negotiate an equitable solution with the city.

The full-page advertisement printed in the U-B on Aug. 14 made us proud as county taxpayers to know there is a nonpolitical, independent group of citizens whose primary concern is to provide a broad range of library services to county residents.

Control is out of the hands of policiticans thanks to the wisdom of the founders of the RLDs. The misrepresentations that have been heaped on the RLD Board’s shoulders over the past year must have been a heavy burden to bear.

Now that contract negotiations have ended, those involved are finally free to debunk falsehoods and dispel myths. The city is unable to financially support its own library. It doesn’t appear that will change in the near future.

We feel deeply for the outstanding librarians and staff at the city library, who in spite of all their good efforts, will not see the funding from the city that is necessary for them to to continue to provide the same level of services they did with the support of the RLD.

The city has decided to close the doors to the city library for county residents within a 50-mile radius.

Therefore, more than ever before, we support the construction of a new central library by the RLD that will continue to provide its county residents with a library we can all rely and depend on.

William Calkins

Walla Walla


Carlotta 3 years ago

Thank you for a wonderful letter of support!


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