Kate Turner playing Walla Faces


— “Dedi-Kates” will be treated to a live performance this evening from Burbank’s own homegrown country artist.

Kate Turner will play at the Walla Faces downtown tasting room, 216 E. Main St., 7-9 p.m.

Turner is in the process of recording her debut album between performances throughout the area. She opened for Sawyer Brown at the end of July.

Turner explored her passion for country western singing and song writing in Nashville, according to the announcement. She went there hoping to find her place in the music industry. “It was the first time I was surrounded by music in that way. Music on every corner, a million artists just like me, all working towards the same thing,” she said in a statement. “I realized I was ready to really do this. I am a good vocalist, I do write good music, and I can hold my own with anyone else in Nashville. And instead of staying in the dog fight over there I decided to come back home, surround myself with support and start from the ground up, finish a solid EP, build a band and start creating a local fan base.”

A broken engagement inspired her song “Baby No,” which has developed a following on iTunes and Facebook, where her fans are known as Dedi-Kates.

For more details on this evening’s show, contact Walla Faces at 301-1181 or via Facebook.


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