Sweets ready to roll against Derby Dames

Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls tak on Treasure Valley last month in a bout they won with a 100-point spread.

Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls tak on Treasure Valley last month in a bout they won with a 100-point spread.


WALLA WALLA — The Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls may have trounced Treasure Valley Roller Girls last month in Boise, but coach Barb Commare doesn’t expect an easy skate to victory this Saturday against the Snake Pit Derby Dames of Coeur d’Alene at the Walla Walla YMCA.

“We’ll come more ready to play,” Commare said.

“We have better strategies. We have better endurance. And the girls have more cohesions,” she said, in anticipation of the bout against a team that, last year, beat them by one point.

The very element that has allowed the Sweets Roller Girls to improve their skating — to the point where they were able to defeat Treasure Valley with a 100-point spread — could end up being the element that makes for a tough bout this Saturday.

Both teams have kept the majority of skaters from their 14-woman lineup from last season, Commare said.

“I anticipate that their girls have gotten better just with the continuity of their roster,” she added.

Regardless of that continuity, this year the Sweets still have had some key changes in their roster, including the hanging up of the skates for jammer Kate “Moonshine” Moon.

While Moon may be out this season, she is still participating as team captain and helping close up any gaps in their skating.

Even after defeating the Treasure Valley Roller Girls last month, Moon noted there was still room for improvement.

“There were some defensive changes we needed to make,” Moon said. “Not allowing them to take our position on the floor by them coming in and holding our wall and pushing to one side or another. They were taking our position.”

Rolling in to Moon’s spot as a jammer this year is a Raquel “Roc-N-Decker” Stapleton, a skater who is quick to point out her larger frame is better suited for defense.

Stapleton also noted her blocker’s build gives her a different flair when it comes to taking the scoring position.

“I am built as a blocker, but I play a lot of defense in my jamming... if they get in my way, I am going to hit them,” Stapleton said.


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