Vandals cut through trees at Fort WW Park


Vandals cut through trees at Fort WW Park

WALLA WALLA – Vandals caused more than $3,000 damage to trees in Fort Walla Walla Park and put the public at risk, according to Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Director Jim Dumont.

According to Dumont, suspects unknown cut partway through the trunks of three maple trees near the Rotary Shelter, leaving the trees standing.

“It’s the primary picnic area for the park,” Dumont said. “This is a major concern.”

Dumont said one of the trees, roughly 10 inches across, fell while people were using the Rotary Shelter.

“People were there, they just didn’t happen to be where the tree fell,” Dumont said, adding one of the park staff members pushed one of the other trees over.

“Just one guy pushed it,” Dumont said, adding each tree was cut at about four-and-a-half feet off the ground — roughly chest high for an adult.

Dumont said two the trees were found cut Wednesday, and park staff believe a third had fallen last week, but showed the same cut marks.

“We’ve inspected trees in the area,” Dumont said. “we haven’t found any others yet.”

— U-B staff reports


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