Hundreds of syringes turn up in Weston


— Police cautioned Weston residents to keep a sharp lookout for medical syringes and needles that were scattered throughout town Wednesday.

Sgt. Josh Henningsen of the Weston Police Department said Police recovered more than 250 apparently used needles that looked as if someone had thrown them out a vehicle window while driving through town.

According to Henningsen, the prickly litter continued for miles outside of town on Highway 204.

“If people find more needles, don’t attempt to clean them up themselves,” Henningsen said, adding special containers are used to store and handle the medical waste.

Henningsen aslo said this is the third time large quantities of needles have been scattered throughout Weston since 2009. Police have not identified any suspects.

The Police Department can be reached at 541-566-2277


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