RLD Board acts as if it has a mandate


The intransigence shown by the Walla Walla Rural Library District Board at Monday’s meeting was duly noted by county and city residents in attendance.

This board has ignored the pleas of the populace, as well as letters from county commissioners and mayor/city manager asking for further negotiations before going ahead with plans to build a $3.6 million central rural library building. As the board chairwoman ended the day’s session; she signed off with a demonstrative, “We’re done!”

The finality of those words, along with her tone of voice, seems to leave only one possible recourse — recall.

Trustees, as these people are supposed to be, would ask: “What’s in the best interest of our constituents?” and “What is the desire of the majority?”

This non-elected group seems to have considered neither question ... and instead, goes about business as if it has a mandate. It does not!

As board members have clearly stated their intention of no future talks, it’s time to begin the process of recalling this board.

Jeff Blum

Walla Walla


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