RLD Board needs to listen


The County Rural Library District Board took out a full-page ad in the Union-Bulletin to address what it considers “false and misleading statements.”

While it is clear Board members have a feeling of being misunderstood; what is not addressed is that at numerous meetings this Board has not heard its constituents.

On Aug. 13 the RLD Board adopted its strategic plan. Board members envision providing expanded services in a cooperative manner. Once again the problem is the Board members have not sought feedback from the very people they say will be served.

When asked, Ruth Metz, the Board’s consultant, acknowledged that a facility was not on the questionnaire submitted to patrons last fall.

To insist on going ahead with a “vision” and a plan for a building not shared by the people, misses the point. The strategic plan includes the idea of cooperation.

After the presentation one county resident asked Ruth, with regard to cooperation, to not only “talk the talk” but also to “walk the walk.”

The county commissioners, Walla Walla City Council members and countless members of the public from both city and county have asked them not to proceed with plans for a building. That’s the issue! When asked by a county resident about the possibility of a new poll concerning a facility, Sandra Bradley, chairwoman of the Board, said, “We’re done!”

The ad refers to fiduciary responsibilities. The gathered money, which the RLD Board calls its capital fund is a fiduciary responsibility. By definition that means holding assets in trust for a beneficiary. What has been ignored is that the people whose funds are held, don’t want their money spent in that manner. We do want the RLD to make the most effective and efficient use of tax dollars.

However, most people are not convinced that a new building would do that.

Dorothy Knudson

Walla Walla


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