McMorris Rodgers now linked to Ryan budget


If you do a Google search on “Cathy McMorris Rodgers Ryan,” you will find U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ official website on which she proudly states:

“I applaud Chairman Ryan for his bold, fiscally-responsible budget that will create jobs, protect taxpayers, and protect our most vulnerable — especially our seniors — while putting us on track to balance the budget once and for all. I am eager to work with Chairman Ryan and our House Republican colleagues to pass this budget, save Medicare, and keep the American Dream alive for the next generation.” (Posted March 20, 2012.)

Now that the Ryan budget has been injected into every congressional race, and our congresswoman has publicly stated her support for it, this is now the opportunity to expose this budget for what it is. It is the embodiment of selfishness. “I got mine ... and if you don’t have anything, it is because you are not worthy to have anything.” The “anything” for many being the basics of living.

McMorris Rodgers has publicly stated she is now an owner/enabler of this toxic budget.

For the “you, the people” of Eastern Washington, take heed. Ignore this at your peril.

Demand that McMorris Rodgers fully explain how her budget will not hurt the majority of the citizens of Eastern Washington. Ask her what she is personally getting out of it, about her personal (family) tax windfall this budget implements. Ask her how the government/society has contributed to her wellbeing and status. Ask her about the government subsidies her family business relies upon. Ask her how this budget endorsement strengthens the underpinnings of the major religions represented in Eastern Washington. I am anxious to hear her answers.

For once, this can be an election on her accountability. If Ryan should grace this area with a campaign stop, let us see if she runs to him or from him. Either way, in endorsing that budget, she is duplicitous in representing the struggling people of our region.

Kenneth D. James

College Place


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