Replace the Obama administration


October is not that far away. All veterans and all the freedom-loving Americans alike need to wake up and vote the Obama administration out and vote in the right administration.

Since the Obama administration was voted in, we have been blessed with the loss of freedom of speech, mandated Obamacare, loss of jobs, higher gas prices, higher taxes and an idiot who says you didn’t build your business, someone else did.

The people of Milton-Freewater are faced with mandatory flood insurance that I feel is nothing more than a way for the present administration to steal the life savings and retirement from the hard working people of Milton-Freewater.

I am very proud to be an American military veteran but never dreamed that I was fighting for the right of any administration, freeloaders, liars, cheats and thieves to be able to steal from me and my fellow veterans.

One more thing, I think we all need to think about is the outsourcing of jobs and money to other countries. I feel the reason is the high cost of labor and taxes. We need to hope and pray that all of your hard-earned savings and retirement funds are safe because those can be stolen by elected officials of the Obama administration. This administration has done more harm to the United States of America and its people than any other before.

There is no such thing as “The Great American Dream” for the American people anymore. The Obama administration — not a good thing. Dream act? What about the dreams of the legal Americans?

Irvin L. Powell



silkie 3 years, 3 months ago

You must be a friend of Roberta's! Go back and read your history. You do realize that the BUSH tax cuts were supposed to expire in 2010, but a reprive was given until the end of 2012? Just think what your taxes would be now if the BUSH tax cut had been let to expire as originally planned. And of course the president sets gas prices - Not. That is done by OPEC - read up on what they do. Jobs have been outsourced for years. You do know what happened to the housing industrry in approximately 2007? That caused a trickle down effect that now affects just about everybody. MF got hit with the flood tax because FEMA got tired of paying huge amouts of money for people who kept getting flooded out in the midwest, but continued to rebuild and get flooded out again - guess who had to pay. Also, think Katrina. FEMA had to come up with money from someone. This does not mean I'm voting for Obama, but give the guy a break - he came into a horrible situation.


kfarrens 3 years, 3 months ago

No the president does not set gas prices, however his policies affect the price of gas. You can thank Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for the housing colaps. That is a fact! They decided that everyone deservs a house. It did not matter if you could afford it or not.


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