Support offered for RLD Board of Directors


I am writing in support of the Walla Walla County Rural Library District Board of Directors.

As a regular patron of one of these branches, I fully support the directors’ efforts to keep our RLD branches viable and operating in such a manner that we rural folks have absolutely the best service possible.

In spite of what some might think, we rural residents do not all live just outside the city limits of Walla Walla. It is 19 miles from my home to the Walla Walla city library. I am a very senior citizen, and would probably not use the library much if I had to make the 38- mile round trip to do so. I pay a designated rural library tax and do so willingly. I get my money’s worth.

Our rural libraries provide other services besides just books to read. It gives access to computers to those who may not have one at home, (yes, believe it or not, not everyone has a computer).

Our libraries offer many other activities for our rural residents such as a reading club, monthly travel programs given by members of the community, and many things for the young people who live here that are fun and interesting. These are directed by our wonderful librarian.

I have been a little disturbed by the tone of some of the things I have been reading. Some of them make me feel that some think we rural folks are somehow not worthy of our own up-to-date library, that our tax money should go to where the large population is.

The idea of having the RLD Board of Directors chosen from the area of largest population would weight it so the rural libraries would have little say in how our taxes are spent, and those directors from the city could override anything the directors selected from the rural areas should want to do.

This is wrong and I do not like the feeling of being patronized. Perhaps it is time for Walla Walla residents to start paying a designated library tax also, then they could use it as they want to, and not spend so much time trying to find a way to dip into the RLD tax money.

So, in conclusion, to the Board of Directors of the Walla Walla County Rural Library District, thank for the courageous stand you have taken to keep providing the absolutely best library service to all county residents. Be resolved and stand firm.

Marian Cummins



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