Water facility should suit small community


Prior to and since the primary election, many people have asked why the old Memorial Pool cannot be renovated and returned to service.

I understand from several sources that because of new government regulations and the extreme deterioration of the old pool, this is not possible. But it seems clear that the majority of voters do not see a need for a large elaborate water park.

Perhaps those designing any prospective new facility should do as the school district did and conduct an extensive survey of the community to see just what the priorities of our population are. A pool that could accommodate both lap swimming and slides with a smaller shallow area with play equipment for younger children might be more acceptable.

The number of people who travel to affordable facilities in Milton-Freewater and Prescott indicate we could support such a center. I can afford to take my grandchildren to Milton-Freewater, but the facility just voted down would come under the heading of a special infrequent treat because of cost.

We need a water facility that suits a small community, within the incomes of the people who live here who would be the most frequent users. We are a destination community for wine lovers and are drawing more tourists, but I doubt that Walla Walla is a destination community for water park users.

After all, many of the surrounding communities already have their own water parks — the ones Walla Walla families are traveling to use. We need to have a proposal for a water facility that fits our needs, not our dreams.

Linda Schaub

Walla Walla


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