There are nice people out there


There are nice people out there

A few days ago I lost my wallet downtown. I did not know I had lost it until the Post Office called and said it had found my wallet in a Post Office box. So I went down to retrieve it.

Everything was intact except the money was gone. I guess I should be pleased that person put it in a Post Office box instead of the garbage. Should this person win the lottery or receive a windfall he or she could send my money to me and I will give it to a charity of his or her choice.

The preceding week I was in Radio Shack to buy a battery for my cellphone. The clerk found one and put it in for me. I handed him a $20 bill and he said it was considerably more than that ($57). I stood there for a bit wondering if I should get it or get a different phone company.

The man behind me must have thought I was worrying about the price and he shoved $37 in my hand and said put that with your money and get the battery. I said no I cannot take your money. The clerk by then had processed my credit card and completed the transaction.

What a nice person to offer money to a stranger.

The point of this story is in spite of all the news you get there are lots of nice people in the country of ours.

Richard Gross

Walla Walla


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