Create single library taxing district


Create single library taxing district

We’re doers, tool builders, knowledge keepers looking to improve our lives, community, country and world. Today’s discovery can create a lot of discussion, for going against the accepted ideas can be tomorrow’s revelation for that elusive solution.

Thoughts and reasoning are protected by freedom of speech and are preserved in print, sound, pictures and memories. Enter libraries and our elusive solution.

As the number of participants sharing the cost of the project goes up the cost per share goes down. It’s not necessarily the taxes we pay that are the bad thing that makes us mad as it is the way the money is spent by our public servants.

Public servants need to be kept mindful they are not spending free money and are accountable for every dime. Taxpayers’ complacency is a problem we are also solving. Maybe, hopefully possible.

Threaten our libraries, education, economic wellness development and find out.

A petition to Walla Walla County commissioners and the state legislative representatives for permission to establish a pilot project forming the Walla Walla County Library District under one jurisdiction. I believe this is where we need to go forward — out of the problem and into the solution.

Every real estate parcel in Walla Walla County has a tax number and a trackable mathematical history. Renters, real estate owners and businesses pay taxes that fund projects for public benefit.

There would be no new taxes added on to real estate parcels in the Walla Walla city limits. Heretofore taxes paid by city residents would be redirected into the Walla Walla County Library District by the county Treasurer’s Office.

No more wrangling as to how much money will be allocated from the general fund year to year for Walla Walla County’s main library. Capital improvement subject to vote for taxpayers’ approval.

College Place also would be in the new library district. Operations expenses will be distributed among all county residences. Taxes levied per thousand of evaluation should come down with the larger tax base.

As to how ownership of the current main county library in the Walla Walla city limits will be transferred needs negotiation.

This two jurisdictions’ dissimilar taxing bases needs to end now. Where we once cared separately for our library, education, economic wellness development threesome, we now care about them together. Or are we going to continue to lose it. like Wal-Net’s catalog of knowledge now gone to Walla Walla city residents?

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


jcwestbrook 3 years, 3 months ago

I have no idea what I just read ...


Carlotta 3 years, 3 months ago

I was having a problem with connecting the dots too.


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