Final results in for primary election


WALLA WALLA — The final tally for this month’s primary election will be certified today with results showing no changes in any outcomes.

In the race for the Walla Walla County commission District 2 seat, Chris Blackman will run against incumbent Perry Dozier in the Nov. 6 general election.

Blackman finished with 1,186 votes, or about 29 percent, to Dozier’s 2,257, which was about 56 percent of the total. A third candidate, former county Coroner Frank Brown, was eliminated after finishing with 621 votes, about 15 percent.

The second county commission race for the District 1 seat will be between Jim Johnson and Mark Spinks. Johnson finished with 3.085 votes, or 81 percent, and Spinks ended with 735 votes, or about 19 percent of the total.

All five county commission candidates listed their party preferences as Republican Party.

In the nonpartisan race for Walla Walla County Superior Court, position 2, Scott Wolfram finished with 6,774 votes, about 55 percent, against Richard G. Wernette, who finished with 5,466 votes, about 45 percent. Because it is a judicial race, the outcome of the primary is final, so Wolfram will take over for retiring Judge Donald W. Schacht at the end of Schacht’s term.

Walla Walla County Superior Court Judge John Lohrmann is running unopposed. He finished with 9,788 votes, according to the county Auditor’s Office.

Two local issues that were decided by the Aug. 7 vote were the call for construction of an aquatic center in Walla Walla and a road project bond in College Place.

A levy to build an aquatic center in Walla Walla failed with 3,906 votes, about 57 percent, to reject the measure against 2,985 votes, about 43 percent, to approve.

In College Place, a $7 million bond issue to fund the College Avenue-Rose Street Reconstruction Project passed with 1,179 votes to approve, about 68 percent, against 543 votes to reject the measure, about 32 percent.

In races for the state Legislative District 16 seats, all three incumbents will advance to the November general election. Two races will be contested and third is unopposed.

State Sen. Mike Hewitt finished with 15,973 votes, 70 percent, against challenger Scott Nettles, who polled 6,715 votes, or about 30 percent. Hewitt has listed his party preference as Republican and Nettles has listed his preference as Democratic Party.

State. Rep. Maureen Walsh finished with 13,133 votes, about 63 percent, against challenger Mary Ruth Edwards, who finished with 7,857 votes, about 37 percent. Both candidates have listed their preference as Republican Party.

State Rep. Terry Nealey, R-Dayton, who is running unopposed finished with 17,990 votes total in the primary, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

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dukhuntr 3 years, 3 months ago

It appears once again, just like in the Sheriff's case the people of Walla Walla have voted for the worst candidate that is on the ballot. I would of thought that they would have learned from their mistakes. Scott Wolfram will only prove that he has no "Honor" except for when he is on the bench.. And that is only because everyone has to call him that. If I ever had to deal with him I would make m before sure and affadavit him so he couldn't hear the case. If not.... well I guess you will regret your decision.


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