Jessica Sanchez lets loose on 'American Idol' tour


NEW YORK — Jessica Sanchez can be herself again.

After being voted out by the public and then saved by the judges for a powerful version of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Stuttering” — a song Sanchez loves, but most of the public doesn’t know — she took to heart advice given her by her ‘American Idol’ mentor, Interscope Records chief executive Jimmy Iovine.

“I don’t think I really stayed true to myself,” she said. “I’m happy now that I’m really able to show myself and I have the opportunity to do it.”

She plans on showing off the traits that make her unique on this season’s “Idols” summer tour. “It’s more upbeat, more fun,” she says of her set. “There’s nothing slow. People can jam to it. It’s more like the way I want my album to be.”

While she’s on tour, Sanchez is also working on her debut album for Interscope Records, which she hopes will be released in November.

She can’t discuss many details of the project, though she says she does record on her days off from the tour and is thrilled with the wide range of songs that have been written for her.


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