The Electoral College no longer needed


It is time to abolish the Electoral College. It was established by the Constitution so delegates from the 13 states could elect the president and vice president. At the time, it was needed. It took days or weeks for votes to be delivered to the Capitol.

It was impossible for all voters to make the trek, so each state was allowed a delegate for each senator and representative to cast the state’s electoral votes.

High population states have more delegates and small states have fewer. California now has 55 while several states have only three.

Now with individuals able to vote by mail or at the click of a computer key or touch of a finger on a smart phone or iPad, the need for delegates is gone.

The current presidential race is demonstrating failure, not success of our democratic process with hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to wrap up delegates.

There is a move afoot to abolish the electoral system. Polls show it is favored by 75 percent nationwide and by 60 percent to 81 percent in each state or territory. The Washington Legislature has passed legislation supporting abolishment, and it is supported by Gov. Gregoire. It is a bipartisan move supported by the majority of Democrats and Republicans. Those not represented by the two parties would undoubtedly vote for it too.

The United States wants all countries to respect the rights of their people and give individuals the right to vote in democratic elections. Yet in the United States, we do not honor the votes of the individuals.

Delegates representing the main parties are easily swayed. The blitz of ads by both parties attempt to sway the votes of delegates of the so-called “swing” states.

The electoral delegates will choose our president. Why then should we vote? We must vote to show those who would buy the election that we, as Americans, vote for what we believe in. We cannot be bought. With a popular vote election, each voter would feel ownership, not rejection.

Four times in our history the Electoral College has been wrong, putting the wrong person in our highest office.

In 2000, Gore won by more than 500,000 individual votes and lost to G.W. Bush. The Electoral College prevents the democratic process, it does not further it.

It is time to bring the democratic process in the United States into the 21st century.

John McKern

Walla Walla


huntinwr 3 years, 3 months ago

What would it actually take to abolish it? An act of congress. If so, it might take awhile! An amendment to the constitution? Clearly, someone must have a vested interest in keeping it, or it would be gone already.


bluedevilcfmy 3 years, 3 months ago

with all due respect, that's insane. Unless polls opened at 9am on the west coast an noon on the east and no vote by mail was allowed the East coast would dominate the election process and the West coast would not even bother to vote.


batgirl 3 years, 3 months ago

I think it's a wonderful idea. So many Americans don't vote because they don't feel heard. While a lot of people are really stupid and make decisions based on the wrong things, they still deserve the right to be heard.


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