New fall season, new ways to report results


WALLA WALLA — The new school year brings with it a fall of prep and college sports, highlighted by season-opening football games Friday night around the Walla Walla Valley.

Shortly after that, prep volleyball, soccer, cross country and swimming begin their race to state competitions.

And college athletics, if not already under way, also kick off soon.

The Union-Bulletin sports department strives to report all results from local prep and collegiate varsity contests, and welcomes submission of other athletic endeavors from around the Valley.

The U-B has reporters and/or photographers at as many events as possible during the season, but with 10 high schools and three colleges with up to five sports apiece in the U-B circulation area, we rely on coaches to report their results for publication when they don’t speak with a U-B reporter after their games.

This reporting by coaches is integral to coverage of all sporting activities in the Valley.

In an effort to facilitate this reporting by coaches, the U-B has added a handy avenue to do so.

Last fall, the U-B website instituted Coaches Corner to make reporting quick and simple.

Templates for each of the major sports are included in Coaches Corner, under the Sports link on the U-B website. The templates can be easily filled out with statistics, game descriptions and coaches’ quotes, and then sent directly to the sports department.

With today’s technology, many coaches find this form of reporting their results quick and easy. Feedback from coaches utilizing Coaches Corner has been positive, and many are submitting all of their results using this format.

We encourage coaches to give the templates a try. If coaches have any questions about this format — or any form of reporting results — please give me a call at 509-526-8316.

If Coaches Corner doesn’t work for you, results can be emailed to We ask that the traditional statistics the U-B includes with each individual sport be included in the email, along with key game highlights and coaches’ quotes.

Going old-school, faxes with the same information may still be sent to 509-525-1232.

We really want to encourage the use of Coaches Corner and/or email as it is faster and more efficient. However, we will continue to take phone calls at 509-525-3307 until we can get the bulk of the reports moved to Coaches Corner or email.

The biggest change for the U-B sports department is a change in WHEN results will be made available to our readers.

This fall, the U-B sports department will have staff in the office weekday evenings to collect results following games and matches.

Whether utilizing Coaches Corner, email, fax or the phone, coaches are asked to report their results as soon as possible after their competition each night during the week and Saturday nights.

In the past, the U-B sports department asked coaches to report their results the morning following their games/matches during the week, and after 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

By reporting on games/matches in the evening, results can be posted on the U-B website, at, as soon as possible after the event. A short summary of each event will be posted to the U-B website immediately after it is reported, and a more in-depth story will be posted to the website and published in the next U-B. This should be a popular improvement for sports fans.

There will still be staff in the office to receive reports the following day, from 6-8:30 a.m., but coaches are encouraged to report results ASAP the evening of the event so fans can get a quick update on their team on the U-B website.

Coaches are our preferred sources for reporting their team’s results, but other interested parties are also welcome to contact the sports department with tips on possible stories, as well.

Also this fall, the U-B will feature a Male and Female Athlete of the Week, highlighting the athletes’ performances from the previous week. Coaches are encouraged to nominate athletes they feel warrant recognition. You may fill out the Athlete of the Week template on the Coaches Corner, with information and a mug shot of the nominee, for consideration.

Good luck to all our local teams this year!


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