Obama is dismantling America


Some say this all sounds like a broken record. Maybe so, but one I will never be tired of hearing.

It’s all the theft allowed by the Obama administration, like Obamacare stolen from Medicare, bailouts to those who do not deserve it and on and on and on. If we the American people did the same thing, we would be tossed so far back into a deep dark hole that light and air would have to be pumped in sort of like POW camps were during Hitler’s reign of terror upon the world.

Obama’s vision for the 2012 election is “Prosperity is shared.” If someone is successful, why should that person share it with someone who sits on their fat backside and does nothing but mooch a free ride off of the working people?

Obama says he “needs four more years” to get the economy moving when I feel he needs the four more years to dismantle America further and put more Americans in the poor house, maybe even holding camps because we voice our opinions of disbelief of this dictator’s policies.

The discussion of insurance companies and taxpayers having to pay for someone’s sexual habits by way of paying for their contraception pills, etc., is wrong.

These people should pay for their own sexual romps and be responsible for themselves, not the taxpayers or insurance companies.

This is all my opinion and should be the opinion of many others unless they are on the Obama free-ride gravy train.

Irvin L. Powell



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