RLD directors doing excellent job


RI found Barbara Clark's letter very interesting and thought provoking.

Regarding Ms. Clark's letter, what are the three models under consideration for consolidation? Can we see them in their entirety? Why can't the U-B print them as a disinterested third party?

If the RLD and the city pay into the annexation at the exact same rate, then the city residents have to start paying a library tax as the RLD residents presently pay. Does she mean to add all RLD residents and all city residents together and then they would be taxed their share of the operating expenses for all libraries? What about the people who do not own land? What about the people in College Place having their own library?

She stated only one of the proposals gives RLD residents seats on the library board. Why only one? Why not one board member for each library area? The RLD is continuing with a second urban library plan that was initiated a long time ago, and funds were collected and set aside for that purpose. What is wrong with that?

I have also been informed that the city library cards purchased by RLD residents will expire Dec. 31 and no new cards will be available to these residents by the city. Does this show good intent to work together?

Many issues and coordination have to be worked out before an annexation can happen. Neither side should be forced into an annexation at this time. I agree annexation would be good for both parties, but not until all issues are addressed and corrected. Maybe this should be done by a separate committee made up of residents of each library area of the RLD and the city and not any directors, Council members, employees, or any other RLD or city officials. Give the voice back to the people. Let the residents fix it.

In the meantime, let the RLD and the city operate their own libraries with the obviously qualified and dedicated employees, directors they have.

The RLD residents like their directors and the job they have been doing. I ask the county commissioners to leave them alone. Let them continue doing the excellent job the residents enjoy.

I have talked to many of my fellow RLD residents and they are in agreement with this letter and its statements and questions.

Steve Glass



JustWondering 3 years, 2 months ago

The 'proposals' Barbara Clark refers to (see her latest contribution as resident 'Special to the UB' columnist), are a couple of ideas for locking the District into a long-term service contract with the City. These were put together during the Library Working Group sessions but never serously discussed or developed into actual proposals. They were passed out at a City Council meeting. Annexation is also not a consideration as both the city and the District agreed in June to not pursue any consolidation models in the near future.

From her remarks regarding the inefficiency of a District system, the lack of accountability in appointed board members, and the waste inherent in building a new library or remodelling current facilities for county residents who don't read - the District model is not a preference for this City Council member anyway.


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