Transportation Commission seeks input from Walla Walla


I am one of three people representing Eastern Washington on the Washington state Transportation Commission.

This summer, we started the Voice of Washington State, or VOWS. It is an innovative web-based public engagement program with seven regional discussion forums and a statewide survey panel.

Currently, our region is critically underrepresented. We have important transportation issues here — U.S. Highway 12, for instance — for which we must speak up.

We set up the VOWS online discussion forum so people can comment and vote on regional and statewide transportation ideas. You can share your opinions about any part of our transportation system — highways, transit, freight and rail, ferries, barges and even aviation. And you can take an occasional survey on transportation policy, funding and tax issues.

We on the state Transportation Commission need this information in order to understand your priorities and opinions. Your opinion will ultimately inform statewide discussions and decision-making processes by the governor and the Legislature.

We need stronger representation from Southeast Washington. I want to be sure our voices are added to the statewide discussion. You can help by sharing your transportation ideas today. Log on to or and join the conversation.

Anne Haley

Walla Walla


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