Worm likely on menu for Cardio Bootcamp participants


Operators of the Cardio Strength Bootcamp will be setting their alarms a little earlier this fall.

Workout sessions for the metabolic resistance training classes have been changed and will begin at 5:45 a.m. starting Monday.

The sessions, which take place at the Sharpstein Elementary gymnasium, will run 35 minutes. The workouts take place three days a week for three weeks of the month and will now also begin the first Monday of every month, according to an announcement from trainers Scott Tibbling and Marc Yonts.

Participants use bodyweight exercise, TRX suspension trainers, sandbells, kettlebells, exercise ropes, medicine balls and slosh pipes in their workouts. They also receive weekly written information for “On Your Own” workouts and to help make nutritional decisions. Members get access to monthly body composition assessments and measurements.

The monthly cost is $50, which can be reduced to as low as $40 for those who pay for months in advance. All fitness and experience levels are accounted for. For more information and registration contact Yonts, 240-2707 or myonts12@gmail.com; or Tibbling 240-4126 or stibbling@yahoo.com. Those interested can also visit cardiostrengthbootcamp.com to register online.


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