Albanian independence celebrated


I'm an exchange student from Kosovo, which is in southeastern Europe, and I've been in America for five months. I am having new experiences every day, sharing and learning culture.

I come from a very old population of people called Albanians, who are descendants from Illyrians, who were the first people who lived in most of the Balkans.

Nowadays the population is placed mostly in Albania and Kosovo. There are two different states of Albania and Kosovo, but they will always be one nation. Nov. 28 was a very special day for us because Albania celebrated 100 years of independence. Since I'm an ambassador from my country here, I've tried to do my best to teach Americans about my country.

Unfortunately I was not there for Independence Day to celebrate it with all my folks. I imagine it was a bigger celebration than New Year's Eve, but at least I'm happy that I'm here and I can do something to honor my country.

I would like on the occasion of the 100- year independence of Albania to wish every Albanian wherever they are happy Indepencence Day.

We are proud of our country no matter the hard times we had in decades past. We still are together, and we celebrate a special Independence Day! I'm very proud to be an Albanian (jam krenare qe jam Shqipetare).

Dea Musliu

Walla Walla


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