Balanced approach to debt issue is needed


I appreciated your excellent editorial Nov. 18 describing the importance of making military cuts based not only on our national defense needs, but also on their impact on local economies, including Seattle and Tacoma. It is at the level of our local economies that cuts affect our employment rate.

This logic also needs to be extended to the entire discussion of budget cuts. Part of our unemployment problem is already caused by federal funding cuts that have reduced jobs and services in the public sector, either directly or through cuts in federal grants to states.

The impact of cuts on people's income, either through loss of employment or loss of assistance funds, needs to be factored into the equation during the upcoming discussions about avoiding the fiscal cliff. More cuts to the federal budget will not only increase our unemployment rate and further reduce essential services, but also take even more money out of the pockets of ordinary people like you and me, whose spending actually fuels our economy.

I realize some cuts will need to be made. But I hope Congress will balance a smaller program of cuts with increased revenues, especially from those with annual incomes over $250,000.

Ginger Johnston



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