Stolen laptop signals owner to its location


BURBANK — Using the latest in Internet Cloud programs, GPS locators and good old-fashion footwork, a sheriff’s deputy recovered a stolen laptop after the owner was alerted where the stolen device was being used.

According to a Walla Walla County Sheriff’s report, the MacBook Air was stolen from Jomi Gross of Kennewick. Gross had previously registered the laptop with iCloud, which is an Internet storage service by Apple.

On Wednesday, Gross was alerted through iCloud that her stolen laptop was being used.

Gross used a GPS locator to map the location where the device was connecting to the Internet and then called authorities.

Deputy James Greco used the map to begin asking residents of the 00 block of Flat Top Road in Burbank if they had any laptops.

The answer was no.

So Greco decided to check a nearby house on Ice Harbor Road. That’s when a girl, 12, produced a MacBook Air with the same registration as Gross’ stolen laptop.

According to the report, the girl’s father purchased the laptop three weeks earlier for $500 at the Pasco Flea Market.

The laptop was returned to Gross the same day.


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