City of Weston makes the best of poisoned trees

Luke Hegdal


WESTON — Poisoned trees in Weston’s city park will find new life as statues.

According to Sgt. Joshua Henningsen of the Weston Police Department, four trees between the ages of 60 and 90 years old were poised last year.

“(The suspects) drilled into them and poured a chemical directly into the trunk of the tree,” Henningsen said, adding city officials had hoped the trees would survive, but too many dead limbs were causing safety concerns.

“The trees were just showing too many signs of stress,” Henningsen said.

Rather than cut the trees down and remove the stumps, city officials decided to have the standing trunks turned into artwork.

“We’d much rather have the trees,” Henningsen said, adding the original idea was to host a carving contest.

Four sycamore trees will be turned into standing artwork, according to Henningsen, and the city plans to plant other trees to take their place.


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