Country needs sugar-bowl savings mentality


Is it any wonder the hundreds of U.S. politicians with their aides, secretaries and chauffeurs can't organize a sensible and balanced budget when our local City Council is raising property taxes and in the next breath are building a $42,500 "bowl" at the Tausick Way SportsPlex. There is a skate bowl there already.

Listening to the fiscal cliff fiasco about Social Security and Medicare, I'm incensed to hear of NASA spending $1 billion to "design" a vehicle for Mars, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac doing business for banks and foreign aid to countries that use it against us and support our foreign ambassadors living a cushy life. So many other subjects, bleeding us to a Third-World condition.

Between the CIA, secretary of state, the ambassador and military force, apparently they were not adequately performing their duties, with the result being four killed in Libya. With present communication and transportation, bring them home to buy/rent U.S. real estate and commodities for their safety and the betterment of our budget and economy.

The whole country needs a Depression-era Mom's kitchen sugar-bowl savings mentality where every nickel was saved toward paying for necessities, not charging -- wanting it all now.

Betty Tate

Walla Walla


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