Some clarification is needed


The enlightened people of Washington state have declared smoking tobacco bad for our health. Then we embraced marijuana smoking. Is smoking marijuana OK and smoking tobacco bad? We need some clarification.

Leonard Isaacs

Walla Walla


jennybuggs 2 years, 11 months ago

Seriously? Google it if you can't figure it out. Also, marijuana will be subject to the same age restriction as alcohol and you will be more limited to where you can smoke it than tobacco. The law wasn't about whether or not it was good for your health, but whether or not its use should be legal.


Iopine 2 years, 11 months ago

When the use of a substance starts to cause my health care to skyrocket is very ridiculous. So called pot can't be very good for you if it stays in your system for extended lengths of time!


tpeacock 2 years, 11 months ago

I would imagine it's like anything else, you have to either experience it for yourself, or you have to rely on someone's expertise to enlighten you. So far, for the most part, most of society has received their information regarding marijuana use from those with the least 'factual' knowledge. Actual use, and not just one time, anyone familiar with smoking marijuana knows the first time or two you don't feel anything is the true indicator. How many times have you heard someone tell you 'I smoked it once and it did this or that and I never touched it again'? How many times have you heard 'well, studies show...' ? Quite honestly, pot smoking, especially when you have been partaking for 20 or more years, has different effects based on many factors, but for the most part, if you smoke every day, it takes more for the same 'high', and it any impairment is greatly reduced. The 1st time you get high is always the best, no other time will be the same. Its effects on functionability are a far cry different than alcohol, much better actually, but you've never probaby heard that before. Trying to set a standard content level for use by Law Enforcement for citing impaired drivers will not be fair in the least bit, I can guarantee that. Pot and Law Enforce,ent has always been akin to the fox guarding the chickenhouse, more so now to be sure. Again, the experts presented to the general public up to this point, have been the least 'expert' about pot smoking. As far as health effects, long term especially, thats a toss up, and not enough folks willing to come forward, well, except now in two states, we'll see. I do know some in their 60s and 70s that seem to be doing okay. Look, if your of the 60's jock/rotc hard core soldier mentality, you've bought into the nonsense about it being a devil weed, and so on. That's sad in a way, as I have always felt that first hand experience is the best indicator, and after that, reliable information from someone with true knowledge ( gained from first hand experience). I'm a Vietnam 'era' Veteran, I would never try to come off as having any experience about fighting in 'Nam, I have had many first hand accounts related to me, but even some of them I have come to learn were BS. That to me is pretty sad, and a far cry more important a cause to take up then falsely demonizing a simple plant. I was in the Reserve unit in W2 with a guy that wore a CIB and 'Nam service ribbons, he'd doctored his local DD214 (which was checked, at the Kansas record center when he tried to move up to E-8) showed he never set one foot in Country. I guess my point is that you need to be very careful who and what you believe in, and especially how 'expert' the one telling you truly is, and if you don't know, don't criticize, ask questions, become informed, then your opinion(s) will have true merit.


Iopine 2 years, 11 months ago

If you are relating to my post I have my DD214 and related activities. I also believe an individual that abuses there credentials should be tucked away in a prison for a lengthy period of time. Just be careful what you dispute in generalities!


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