In the Minutes - Walla Walla County


Walla Walla County commissioners are Perry Dozier, Jim Johnson and Greg Tompkins. With Johnson absent Monday, the board voted as follows:

Tax levies: Approved resolutions to set 2013 property tax levies for current expense, road fund and emergency medical services. Unanimous.

Weed control: Set assessment for 2013 county noxious weed control program. Unanimous.

Cancel meets: Canceled commissioners’ Dec. 26 and Dec. 31 meetings. Unanimous.

Bid opening: Opened four bids for dump truck for county Public Works Department. Bids to be reviewed by public works director, who will return with recommendation at later date.

Flood control: Approved 2013 assessment for Mill Creek Flood Control Zone District. Unanimous.

Fuel station: Rejected bid for construction of fuel station on Dell Avenue to serve county vehicles. Single bid received exceeded funding amount allocated for project. Unanimous.


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