A box of rocks would be art, right?


A spoof perhaps? After 150 years our taste hasn't changed -- or has it? What is art?

Is it beheld in the eye of the beholder or perhaps the interpretation of the artist? It is possible everyone sees things in a different light, so on we go. Art, a noun, the employment of means, the accomplishment of some end, the skillful adaptation or application to some purpose or use.

Hence this must have been the system of choice by ArtWalla, when it opted for those works of art that grace our city's Main Street.

As for me I'm thinking about preparing an apple box full of rocks held in place with super glue, lightly colored with sequins and a rocking chair bottom attached to the box, then I will christen the whole thing "Rocking The Baby to Sleep."

Of course, there will be a small baby doll amongst the rocks.

I'll donate it to the city for its use. It can add it to our fine art works or perhaps Mammy Yokum would appreciate it as an addition to her covered wagon. All I need is a grant from some art-loving fund. All one can do is hope.

Long live the octopus.

Rex Miller

College Place


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