Corgan rocks in ring as wrestling promoter


Corgan rocks in ring as wrestling promoter

PHILADELPHIA — Billy Corgan had a night off from the latest Smashing Pumpkins tour and a night out with The Blue Meanie.

No, that’s not the next up-and-coming band with a colorful name, along the lines of the White Stripes or the Black Keys.

The Blue Meanie is a professional wrestler, and Corgan was his tag-team partner for a Friday night road trip to an independent wrestling show in New Jersey.

Corgan’s childhood fandom of wrestling’s high-flying moves and outlandish story lines morphed into a serious passion for the craft and real-life drama that goes with it.

For the past year, the Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman has worked as the behind-the-scenes brainchild for the Resistance Pro Wrestling promotion out of Illinois. He teamed with R-Pro owners, brothers Gabe and Jacques Baron, to raise the diminished expectations that usually come with a typical weekend indie show and make the company a smashing success over the first 10 cards.

As R-Pro’s creative director, Corgan consults with wrestlers and maps out old-school story lines with a modern twist to keep the promotion strong.

“It’s not a side project to Billy,” said Brian Heffron, who wrestles as The Blue Meanie. “This is something he grew up living.”


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